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The Institute of Retirement Funds (IRF) is a non political body which represents and promotes the interests of the retirement industry in Southern Africa, to the ultimate benefit of the members of retirement funds. The most important function of the IRF is to represent the retirement industry in negotiations with government authorities and the Financial Services Board (FSB), which would include commenting on legislation and tax matters affecting retirement funds/pensioners etc. The IRF therefore depends on total support from all parties concerned with the retirement benefit provision industry.

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IRFA DISPATCH: Wednesday, 18 April 2018

LOCAL NEWS - Divorce order for payment of pension interest not applicable for marriages out of community of property - Should you consolidate your discretionary money with your pension money? - Boost your retirement savings by reducing your monthly tax burden - Understanding the Twin Peaks architecture Rise of ‘grey’ divorce is forcing a financial reckoning after 50 - Will umbrella funds become the default in retirement fund management? - INTERNATIONAL NEWS - UK pensions industry faces ‘fundamental shift’ CHICAGO - Consolidating pension funds in Illinois a smart way to sop up the red ink - NIGERIA - Regulators move to implement new pension guidelines - OUT OF INTEREST NEWS - Where are we heading to?

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IRFA DISPATCH: Friday, 6 April 2018

LOCAL NEWS - The fundamental problem with retirement funds - A retirement plan few will tell you about Concern about non-compliant tax practitioners - Bolster your retirement savings by reducing your monthly tax burden - INTERNATIONAL NEWS - Emergency savings seen as a way to better protect retirement nest eggs Bigger pension funds must work for savers - Asset managers snub UK pension fund code on fees

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IRFA DISPATCH: Monday, 19 March 2018

LOCAL NEWS - Putting a stop to pension fund graft - The benefits of increasing offshore exposure in post-retirement - Retirement funds and divorce - New annuity range has longevity protection - 10 facts about SA fund managers you should know - INTERNATIONAL NEWS - The death of retirement is looming – and the fallout will be disastrous

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IRFA DISPATCH: Friday, 16 March 2018

LOCAL NEWS - Big changes for pension funds - Retirement funds and divorce - The gender pay gap and poor retirement outcomes - Improved economic outlook outweighs increase in tax - Budget not kind to retired folk - Your maintenance obligations don’t die with you! - INTERNATIONAL NEWS - Tax wrapper choice costing pension funds

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