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The Institute of Retirement Funds (IRF) is a non political body which represents and promotes the interests of the retirement industry in Southern Africa, to the ultimate benefit of the members of retirement funds. The most important function of the IRF is to represent the retirement industry in negotiations with government authorities and the Financial Services Board (FSB), which would include commenting on legislation and tax matters affecting retirement funds/pensioners etc. The IRF therefore depends on total support from all parties concerned with the retirement benefit provision industry.

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IRFA DISPATCH: Wednesday, 13 February 2019

LOCAL NEWS - Proof that it pays to top up your retirement annuity - Three retirement savings myths debunked - I have an RA – do I really need a TFSA? - RA vs Pension fund: Here are the pros and cons of your retirement plan - Still time to benefit from retirement tax breaks MONEY CLINIC: Is the penalty for moving my retirement savings too high? - DA to fight ANC’s attempt to nationalise private pensions INTERNATIONAL NEWS - Greenest pension schemes belong to large UK banks - UK set to introduce collective DC pension schemes

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IRFA DISPATCH: Friday, 8 February 2019

LOCAL NEWS - FSCA: Its full steam ahead for Default Regulation compliance - Retirement saving needs to start sooner than you think Is there any tax benefit in saving over the annual tax deductible amount towards retirement? - Be Warned: Your retirement benefits may not end up where you plan - With #StateCaptureInquiry who is looking after SA’s retirement savings? - Playing catch-up: compound interest adds up to a comfortable retirement - What’s next for tax-free savings accounts? - SA hedge funds outperform Warren Buffett’s million dollar bet - February could 'make or break' for your tax plan - INTERNATIONAL NEWS - UK plans to ease cap on workplace pension fees

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IRFA DISPATCH: Wednesday, 30 January 2019

LOCAL NEWS - Retirement saving needs to start sooner than you think - What it takes to retire at 45 - The importance of the 5-15-75 rule for your retirement funds - Preserving wealth across generations - What you need to know about retirement saving - Checklist: How to retire with enough - How can I access part of my annuity? - INTERNATIONAL NEWS - 52% of U.K. pension professionals think multiemployer superfunds will be commonplace – survey - Benefits rule changes could cost pensioners in UK thousands a year OUT OF INTEREST NEWS Investors forecast returns of 9.9% – millennials expect more

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IRFA DISPATCH: Monday, 14 January 2019

LOCAL NEWS - RA or TFSA? How to maximise your retirement savings - Retirement Annuities - Plan your current investments today to ensure your desired lifestyle tomorrow - Have you saved enough for retirement? - What happens to your retirement fund benefit when you emigrate? - Your company gets liquidated: What happens to your retirement fund? - INTERNATIONAL NEWS - Superannuation overhaul presented to government could add $500,000 to some accounts - South Korea corporate pension funds post sub-par return.

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