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The Institute of Retirement Funds (IRF) is a non political body which represents and promotes the interests of the retirement industry in Southern Africa, to the ultimate benefit of the members of retirement funds. The most important function of the IRF is to represent the retirement industry in negotiations with government authorities and the Financial Services Board (FSB), which would include commenting on legislation and tax matters affecting retirement funds/pensioners etc. The IRF therefore depends on total support from all parties concerned with the retirement benefit provision industry.

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IRFA DISPATCH: Thursday, 11 April 2019

LOCAL NEWS - Veil of secrecy to be lifted from retirement savings fees - Government's early retirement plan a golden opportunity, but tread carefully - New retirement cost disclosure standard could be game-changer – expert - Retiring early – how much is enough to own your future? - Cyber security a major blind spot in retirement fund industry – expert - How do you get investors to save more, and for longer? Take care of your passive income - Our heavy tax burden - Transport Sector Retirement Fund invests in collaborative partnership with Hollard to recognise trucking excellence - INTERNATIONAL NEWS - EPFO update: Key factors to keep in mind before switching to higher pension option under EPS - OUT OF INTEREST…Basic tips that can help secure your financial future - Long-term investing in growth assets provides the best returns

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IRFA DISPATCH: Thursday, 4 April 2019

LOCAL NEWS - Regulator finally stands up for those hit by cancelled pensions - COFI Bill… disappointed, irritated and concerned - Retirement planning – questions to answer to live a comfortable life post retirement Pension fund members must complete their own beneficiary forms - INTERNATIONAL NEWS - Women running the money? Rarely at hedge funds - UK pension fund body targets consolidation in strategy update

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IRFA DISPATCH: Wednesday, 27 March 2019

LOCAL NEWS - Retirement fund default regulations - Municipality made to cough up for late pension - More SA investors looking offshore - How can I reduce the costs of my living annuities? - INTERNATIONAL NEWS Workplace pensions face pressure to invest in infrastructure - Why the ethnicity pay gap is even more complicated than gender - OUT OF INTEREST NEWS - Low inflation confirmation - Now is not the time to avoid investing

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IRFA DISPATCH: Friday, 8 March 2019

LOCAL NEWS - Funding your retirement property – how prepared are you? - 3 steps in the right direction for retirement - Pension Fund rapped for ignoring treating customers fairly rules - The position and rights of trust beneficiaries - Should government tell you what to do with your retirement savings? - Growing ESG Reporting Becomes A Priority For Investors – South Africa’s Stats Look Promising - INTERNATIONAL NEWS Singapore set to raise retirement ages as seniors stay healthier

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