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The Institute of Retirement Funds (IRF) is a non political body which represents and promotes the interests of the retirement industry in Southern Africa, to the ultimate benefit of the members of retirement funds. The most important function of the IRF is to represent the retirement industry in negotiations with government authorities and the Financial Services Board (FSB), which would include commenting on legislation and tax matters affecting retirement funds/pensioners etc. The IRF therefore depends on total support from all parties concerned with the retirement benefit provision industry.

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IRFA DISPATCH: Wednesday, 7 November 2018

LOCAL NEWS - Your children are not your retirement plan - How employers can protect vulnerable employees’ retirement savings Is saving in a retirement fund really worth it? - SA’s twisted history of pension fund plunder - The cost of dipping into savings Women tend to be at a disadvantage in retirement - A simple way to save without really noticing it - INTERNATIONAL NEWS Pension funds fail to insulate against climate-change risks - Australian regulators call for more powers to police retirement funds sector

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IRFA DISPATCH: Friday, 2 November 2018

LOCAL NEWS - Spend the Income and not the capital to ensure a long-lasting retirement - Accessing your RA in the case of a permanent disability - How does Tax impact retirement savings - Financial decisions you need to make at retirement - Investec’s Koseff own retirement plans mirrors the changing face of retirement - So far so good when it comes to RDR - Why women are better investors – Study - How to improve SA’s pension system - INTERNATIONAL NEWS - 401(k) rule change would ease small companies’ path to joint plans - The difference between the best and worst superannuation funds - Are retirement schemes sufficient for Malaysians?

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IRFA DISPATCH: Wednesday, 12 September 2018

LOCAL NEWS - Our take on US order to ease retirement regulations - Will your money last as long as you do? - Core principles of a drawdown strategy - Living annuity drawdown rate remains stable at 6.6% Offshore retirement structures offer an array of investment options for SA investors - How should I invest a lump-sum? - Duties of a trustee - Monitor your pension fund - INTERNATIONAL NEWS - How to manage your pension pots in the age of frequent job moves - Growth in Asia-Pac pension fund assets outpaces global rate - OUT OF INTEREST NEWS - Government working on reforms to lift economic growth, Nene assures

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IRFA DISPATCH: Friday, 10 August 2018

LOCAL NEWS - Survey highlights women’s retirement insecurities - You won’t retire financially secure if you don’t preserve - Can pension fund money do more? Tax implications of working overseas - INTERNATIONAL NEWS - Forecast pensions surplus brings payout hope for thousands of retirees - Pension firms profit from slowdown in life expectancy growth - End of pension fund tax break looms over Treasury market

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