Investment Workshop 9 & 10 July 2014

The purpose of the IRFA Seminar is to provide trustees, investment managers and other interested parties an insight on the impact of National Treasury reform process on the duties and responsibilities, principles of responsible investment to protect the long-term interests of pension fund beneficiaries and, often their short-term interests too. The IRFA Seminar will also focus on PF130 rules in respect of duties and responsibilities of trustees and finally an overview of the Treating Customers Fairly Act (TCF). The TCF Act has introduced principles that impact on the relationships and duties of the funds and members.

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26th IRFA Annual Conference

The 2014 IRFA Pension Funds Annual Conference will be hosted from 17 – 19 August 2014 at the Durban International Convention Centre. The Institute of Retirement Africa (IRFA) would like to take this opportunity to invite the industry professionals, including government leaders, trustees, asset managers, fund administrators , Retirement Fund members, pension lawyers and all other interested parties to attend this landmark event to debate issues affecting the implementation of a comprehensive social security system in South Africa and the impact of National Treasury retirement reform as at 01 March 2015.

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